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Building Materials

Building Materials

Anti-microbial pre-treatments gives contractors an economical selling advantage over their competition.


One of the truly unique aspects of MicroGerm Defense’s antimicrobial treatment is that it not only addresses existing microbial contamination, it also acts as a long-term preventive treatment. Applying MicroGerm Defense to the “bones” of a structure as well as walls and floor coverings provides an invisible shield that helps keep microbial pests—like mold and mildew—at bay and adds marketable value to homes and commercial buildings.


MicroGerm Defense delivers non-stop active protection for up to three years on non-porous or hard surfaces and up to lifetime on woven and porous materials. On inner walls where there is no wear and tear, the protection is MUCH longer – a huge advantage against mold and mildew.

MicroGerm Defense is your first line of defense against the rapid spread of bacteria and other harmful microbes found on your surfaces. The patented technology of MicroGerm Defense uses precise methods to apply an even antimicrobial coating to virtually any man-made surface and is proven to kill greater than 99.99% of pathogens quicker than antimicrobials like Silver, Triclosan and CHG. Recall that our product is registered with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and comparable regulatory bodies around the world.

Our engineers are experienced at customizing coatings for many products and have worked closely with many clients to create solutions their unique needs. MicroGerm Defense has been seamlessly integrated into carpets, bathroom, kitchen and door fixtures, air filters, flooring, insulation, paints, sealant, toilets and urinals, as well as many other commercial & industrial products.

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