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Multinational textile manufacturers have used our technology to eliminate odor-causing bacteria. With MicroGerm Defense odor resistant protection, textiles stay fresh for the life of the product. MicroGerm Defense’s formulas can be added directly to the textile during the manufacturing process, increasing the value of your product.


MicroGerm Defense is your first line of defense against the rapid spread of bacteria and other harmful microbes found on your surfaces. The technology of MicroGerm Defense uses precise methods to apply an even antimicrobial coating to virtually any man-made surface and is proven to kill greater than 99.99% of pathogens quicker than antimicrobials like Silver, Triclosan and CHG. Recall that our product is registered with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and comparable regulatory bodies around the world.

Our engineers are experienced at customizing coatings for many products and have worked closely with many clients to create solutions their unique needs. MicroGerm Defense has been seamlessly integrated into carpets,

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