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Who We Serve

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Where do you want to live free from harmful germs?


Doctors offices, chiropractic, physical therapy, dentist, orthodontist & more. Keep microbe multiplication to a minimum!

Commercial Spaces

Office buildings, hotel lobbies & rooms, restaurants & conference centers. Contaminated surfaces make the transfer of germs instantaneous!


Personal cars, rental cars, agency cars, & limousines. Ensure surfaces stay hygienic while reducing odors & stains.


Let us share with you the germ count in your kitchen & bathrooms.Stay harmful-germ free for up to three years.

Sports Facilities / Health & Fitness

The perfect breeding ground for bacteria, viruses, mold & mildew.Stay a step ahead of germs & keep your clients protected.

Yacht / Private Jet

Anywhere there are passengers pathogenic bacteria can be easily spread. Inhibit the growth of microbes that cause sickness.

How We work with you


Reach out to us! We start with a dialog with you because knowing more about you and your business or your family will help us to serve you better.


We’ll then provide an on-time, on-site consultation to discuss your project in more detail, evaluate the space, and make any appropriate recommendations at that time.


After your EPA Registered and FDA Approved antimicrobial product has been professionally applied by one of our certified experts, we will enact your certification if required, and of course will stand behind all services provided by our team.