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Yacht / Private Jet

Yacht / Private Jet

Cruise ships, airlines—even tour bus operators—rely on MicroGerm Defense to ensure a happier, less exposed customer. This is true for privately owned planes and boats that are exposed to mold, algae, and bacteria with the humidity and their many guests.

You may have heard about “sick” cruise ships and boats being taken out of service after scores of passengers became ill. There are similar stories about airplanes, tour buses, and trains.

Every time someone coughs or sneezes and then touches something, there is an increased chance for spreading germs. Transfer of those microbes to a surface such as a seat, an airplane tray, a seatbelt strap, a turnstile, or a bathroom stall is inevitable and occurs continuously.

The possibilities for cross contamination of germs are everywhere one looks. In a USA Today article from November 2012, noted microbiologist Dr. Charles Gerba reported that he often finds strains of influenza virus, E. coli, MRSA and norovirus on airplane tray tables, overhead latches and lavatory doors.In October 2008, a flight was forced to land midway from its Boston-L.A. route in Chicago, after several passengers suffered uncontrollable vomiting and diarrhea believed to be caused by norovirus contracted in flight. In that case, the cost to decontaminate the plane was exacerbated as it included the removal of upholstery.

With MicroGerm Defense’s help, the travel industry and those who own boats and planes are realizing that it costs a lot less to treat and prevent microbial contamination than it costs in down time, lost customers and negative publicity when necessary steps are not taken.

Our authorized service providers are trained to identify problems at the source and to create a customized plan to address them in the most cost effective way—with as little downtime as possible.

We also have a certification program that you may be interested in exploring if you are open to the public.

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