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Another MicroGerm Defense Success Story: Getting Your Business Open with MicroGerm Defense

April 14, 2020 / Category: Blog, Business


Frank –

I just wanted to thank you for your incredible response and professionalism with addressing our needs.  I first spoke with you on Monday and you were able to work with me and schedule the treatment for that next Saturday morning – fantastic!  You and your team were able to treat our 6,000+ square foot office and 3,000 square foot warehouse in a matter of hours and the results you showed me of the before/after were incredible.  By doing this for my employees in a time of crisis that we’re currently experiencing, this has given them the assurance that they have a layer of protection and peace of mind while at work during the week!  Thank You again for your professionalism and the value you’ve provided me and my business is well beyond the cost of the treatment.

God Bless and stay safe!

Garret P. Granitto
Summers Fire Sprinklers, Inc
[email protected]